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This is what we stand for

We give our clients weekly updates on all aspects of the project

We want to produce top quality output, and if we feel that we couldn't achieve this, we won't take on the project

We are willing to work with your in-house resources as team members if it benefits the project

Joint development

Partnership approach

Full transparency

Outsourced development, specializing in Artificial Intelligence products

World leading Artificial Intelligence products - programmed in Taiwan, a hotbed of AI innovation

Our highly trained developers are among the best in the world! Consequently, the quality of our software development projects is on par with the highest international standards.

Given our AI focus, we are among the fastest executing firms in the AI field.

Our head office is in Taiwan, which benefits from unencumbered high-speed broadband internet access, excellent education standards, and high work ethics. In addition, it is situated in Greater China, one of the most dynamic regions in the world for AI development.

Strategically located in one of the world's engineering hotbeds

Following its rapid development as a production center for hardware in the 1990's, Taiwan's transformation into a hotbed of software development is less well known. Engineering is the most popular major with over a quarter of all Bachelor's degrees; within this, Information Technology is now the second-most popular one, with over 30,ooo graduates a year. The high standards of Taiwan's technical education system, are further highlighted by its ranking in the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) average math scores for 15-year-olds, in which Taiwan consistently ranks in the top 5 in the world.

The transformation from hardware to software Engineering was a natural evolution for the people of Taiwan, who are very attuned to technology and embrace it. Taiwan has the world’s second-highest Facebook penetration rate, and one of the world’s highest Internet penetration rates and Internet connection speeds. Its long history as a leading technological powerhouse means that technical processes and mindsets have become second nature for the people here. Unlike other Asian economies in which many industries compete for the best graduates, the large majority of the brightest graduates here are very likely to end up in engineering jobs.

Many outsiders continue to be surprised at the fast adoption of new technologies in Taiwan – for instance by the fact that Bitcoin is accepted as a means of payment in more than 3,000 Family Mart convenience stores plus many other locations since 2015.

Compared with other traditional software outsourcing destinations such as India and China, Taiwan benefits from a far higher level of work ethics, unencumbered worldwide internet access, and a very fast, can-do attitude to software development.

Why Taiwan?


Virtual receptionists and help desks on your website or within your app allow you to drastically improve the customer experience and site traffic. Modern AI products allow you to automate most aspects of the customer acquisition, retention and follow-up. We work with the most easily implementable bots and are constantly monitoring the developments in the field.

Virtual receptionists+helpdesks

Natural language recognition and speech technologies are now at a stage where they can be practically rolled out. We know the ins and outs of the various technologies out there, and use the best one for each specific case.

Natural language input+output modules

Based on our experience at the forefront of the AI industry, we offer consulting services relating to it, including strategy, suppliers selection, and product roadmaps.

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Tel: (+886-2) 2792 1990

Rui Guang Rd., Lane 76, N. 22, 5F, Neihu Dist., Taipei 114, Taiwan, R. O. C.

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What we do

Corrado is a Swiss citizen who relocated to Asia in 1995 as General Manager Asia at Trader Classified Media. Prior to moving to Asia, he was a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group’s Zurich office. Corrado holds an MA in Engineering from the ETH Zurich and an MBA from INSEAD.


Alan is an experienced Project Manager and Developer.  He has worked on various AI products for websites, iOS / Android / Windows phone applications, as well as game development. Alan has a BS in MIS from National Central University (NCU) 

Eric is a dual US / Taiwan citizen. Prior to joining 4i, he worked in marketing roles in software in the US, and in international shipping in Taiwan. Eric holds a B. A. in hospitality from University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV).

Our team is comprised of Engineers from Switzerland and Taiwan. Please meet our management team.

Corrado von Planta
Alan Feng
Eric Hu
Account Manager

Unleash the potential of Artificial Intelligence in your business

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